The family we chose

Door Masha

I have been always taught that the family is a blessing, a blessing we were not in power to choose. What would happen if we had an opportunity to choose? Whom would we choose? 

Living in the community feels like living in a big family, the family you chose to live with, the family you chose to share life with. It does not mean you have to share the deepest corners of your soul, we can be quite reserved with our extended families, right? Yet,  you always know that your chosen family is there when you need it. Moreover, you can also enjoy the fact  that you have been chosen by them too. This wonderful conscious decision is both an inspiration and the push to work on building the  relationship, learn to give valuable feedback, accept shortcomings and love. 

Since my family is far away and to reach it I have to cross several borders,  I found my chosen family here in Slotervaart. Like in any other family, the Slotervaart community members are very different, but there is also something that unites them all – the desire to go out of their comfort zone and serve others.

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